World Class Wireless Sensors and Management Systems

iot Managed Sensor Systems are an innovative leader in wireless sensor monitoring solutions in Australasia. Our products and management systems have been developed in conjunction with you the people who use the system and know your requirements our solutions are flexible and scalable for temperature monitoring, asset management, environmental, & power saving.

Sensors are just sensors unless they provide you the right information for your needs and this is what we ensure you get.

From complex, multi-sensor applications and multiple wireless sensors to a single sensor installation can be provided by a IoTMSS, our range of sensors is extensive and includes Temperature, Co2 Detection, Water level, Ultrasonic, Air Quality etc, with over 60 sensors in current production and many in development, we use the latest proven technologies for you and have products that just work as they are supposed to.

With a Cloud server-based solution giving you the freedom to monitor and manage your sensors and alerts from any device where you have an Internet connection - no software required.

Real-time Alerting System can send via SMS, Email or API.


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